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The Montgomery Brothers Series

#2 Still Counting


No love. No marriage. No kids.


Those were the three rules Ava Campbell had lived by her whole life. Nothing and no one would ever change that. At a young age, Ava had beaten cancer. However, the ugly disease was a never-ending war in her family, having already taken several of her relatives. One being her mother. Ava refused to risk loving and losing more people than she already had.


As the publishing director of Campbell Publishing House, Ava was forced to work with Grayson Montgomery. A handsome, smug nightmare that refused to leave her alone. Still, no matter how angry he made her, she couldn’t stay away from his office after office hours. He was an itch that never went away, no matter how much she scratched. 

What happens when one of Ava’s rules goes out the window? Will the others follow? Or will cancer steal her life and a Hispanic beauty her man? 

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