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Death's Soldiers MC Series

#5 Falling for the Road Captain


When the prim and proper housewife falls in love with the bad boy, the story is doomed to be a roller coaster ride.
As a stay-at-home housewife, Domino is happily married to Eric. So why can't she forget about the cocky biker she met at her estranged father’s funeral? Why does the arrogant biker named Bomber haunt her in her dreams? And why can’t she say no to him when he comes to visit?
As the road captain for the Death’s Soldiers MC, the club is the most important thing in Bomber's life. When he attends a brother's funeral, he meets Domino. The woman is everything he is not, and he finds himself wanting the lamb. Unfortunately for him, she’s married to an abusive cop. Unfortunately for her, a gold band won’t stop him. Not when he's in the mood for some corruption.
Will Bomber be able to convince Domino to leave her husband and persuade her into his own bed as a permanent fixture? And will he be able to save the club from the Feds brutal investigation, or will the Feds succeed in taking down Bomber and the Death's Soldiers MC for good?

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