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Death's Soldiers MC Series

#4 Falling for the Boss


There’s one thing in this world no one can control. Whom they fall in love with.
Marcie and Ripper, two great tattoo artists, weren’t supposed to fall in love, but they did anyways. Not only is Ripper Marcie’s boss and over a decade older than her, but he’s also a member of the Death’s Soldiers MC – the same MC her two half-brothers are members of.

Everyone knows Marcie is off-limits, but a trip to Vegas changes the relationship between Marcie and Ripper forever.

Will Marcie and Ripper overcome every obstacle in their way, or will they meet their demise?
The Exiled Devils MC, the Death's Soldiers enemy, also makes a lethal appearance. Will the Death’s Soldiers MC finally eliminate the Devils and send them back to Hell, where they belong, or will the Soldiers be defeated?

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