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Death's Soldiers MC Series

#3 Falling for the President


Cole ‘Church’ Harries.

I’m the President of the Death’s Soldiers MC. I’m a leader, a soldier, a brother, a father, and once upon a time, a husband.


The club wasn’t always my number one priority. I hated the way my father ran things. As soon as I could, I got rid of him. But that’s my secret and burden to bear. After my wife left me without so much as a goodbye, I grew up. I grew strong and evil. I did what I had to do. I gave my life to the club and brought it back to what it was supposed to be about – family and brotherhood.



Cole is still as handsome as he was twenty years ago. But he’s not the kid I fell in love with. He’s darker and rougher.


Cole hates me for what I did to him, and I don’t blame him. Not only did I leave him, but I also kept his daughter a secret from him. I don’t even know why I did it. A severe case of memory loss after a horrid car accident that left me in a coma for months has stolen my memories. The doctors say memory loss is a defense mechanism the brain uses to suppress traumatic events. If my memories are so traumatic that my brain thinks them best forgotten, then I'm not sure I want them back. 


But when my vicious ex-husband, Michael, comes back to hurt me and everyone I care about, I realize that I’ve never stopped loving Cole or the biker life. Only time will tell if Cole will be able to forgive me for the evil I’ve done him in the past.


Will Rosalind be able to get her memories back? Will Cole be able to forgive her for her past sins? Will they find love again, or will they be torn apart once and for all?

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