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Death's Soldiers MC Series

#1 Falling for the Biker


How many rules would you break for love?
On the run from her vicious politician stepdad and in search of her biological father, Quinn stumbles upon Liam ‘Cash’ O’Connor. They share a night of unforgettable passion, but as the sun comes up and the truth comes out, they have to face the harsh reality – Quinn is the unknown daughter of the president of the dangerous Death’s Soldiers MC. The same MC Cash is the Vice President of. 
Against their president's orders, they initiate a secret relationship. But when Quinn's life is in danger, their affair sees the light of day, changing the fate of the Death's Soldiers MC forever. 
Will Quinn survive her stepdad? Will Cash survive the cost of betraying his president's trust? Will the couple live long enough to get their happily ever after?

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